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Panasonic decide retirarse paulatinamente del mercado PBX/SIP.

PANASONIC BUSINESS COMMUNICATION deja el negocio de Sistemas de comunicaciones (PBX), así como toda la Telefonía Tradicional e IP, en dos años.

Último día de comercialización el 01 de diciembre del 2022.

PANASONIC continúa 2 años más con la venta y 7 años suministrando recambios.


Important Announcement – Panasonic Communication and Document Business

Panasonic has decided on a global basis to terminate its Communication Business and Document Business. This is not a regional or local market decision. We regret that we will be unable to continue this business which indeed has a long history. However, due to major changes in the business environment for both categories and an overall shrinking market in these categories and thereby a continuing deficit over a longer period of time, we have been investigating about the future of this business further but had to come to the conclusion we would not be able to ensure profit any time to be foreseen. Under these conditions, we regrettably had to decide to end the business in this sector towards our fiscal year end which is the 31st of March 2021.

However, we will ensure a smooth transition to our channel partners and customers until December 2022. Our Panasonic Service team will continue to support with repairs, spare part deliveries and for all customer after sales support claims, based on the given Panasonic service & warranty policies.

For any further questions please contact our customer service team at